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NEWS 29th January 2017

This is a temporary webpage, put on to advise the recipients of bogus calls.

If you've received a phone call from 02032 877034, it's not me!!

Do not try to call that number back, it's not in use, and pressing call back may connect you to a Premium Phone Line

Block the number and report the caller to your service provider.
Telemarketers are using that Caller ID to scam people with fake accident claims, if calls persist, ask your service provider to trace the real source of the calls.
These people are a real nuisance, and I often wondered how they managed to pester us with their unwanted calls!

Although this annoying occurence has nothing to do with my business or my website, this has prompted me to revamp my website.

This is a long awaited change, so it will be re-posted soon, once these scammers have been sourced and stopped.

My Studio is located in southern Milton Keynes:
Camera Workshop Studio
9 Wharfside

You may contact me by using the Facebook button below, if you are interested in my Genuine Photography Business!